This week in class we have been asking....

How do you solve division calculations with and without remainders? Are there different types of parenthesis punctuation? Why is Peter Pan a classic story? Were there many different Greek Gods and Goddesses? What did the Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses represent? In Buddhism, what do we mean by the ‘Four Noble Truths’? Do different search engines give you different results? What is your dream job? Are there any similarities between the life cycle of a hedgehog and a peregrine falcon?

Our 'Flash Back 4' questions were...

Today: What is the difference between an oviparous and a viviparous animal?

This/last week: Who ‘Became the Buddha’?

This term: Which search engine is ‘good for the environment’?

Last term: Name the five lines of latitude?

Next week we will be asking....

What is the most efficient way to divide? How can we use brackets to show parenthesis? How do search engines actually work? What is a web crawler? What knowledge have we learnt from the Ancient Greeks? How do you make a printing plate? In Buddhism, what are the different parts of the Eightfold Path?

Our spelling rule next week is ‘j’ including words such as …..

advantage, budget, exaggerate, exchange, generate, genetics, logic, prejudice, privilege, vegetable

Our Graduate Award that we are working towards is …..

Computing - Coding