This week we have….

Been asking…

What is a system? How does a smart locker work? If you won lots of money, what would you spend it on? What dreams and goals do you have for your life in 10 years time? Who were the Ancient Greeks? What is a life cycle? How can you use base 10 to help with longer multiplications.


We have focused on proof reading our Key Pieces from last half term as we really need to work on using the basics correctly e.g. Capital letters, full stops and spellings.

Tomorrow (Friday 12th) we will be having an assembly with the MP Graham Stuart.

Next week we will be asking…..

How do animals reproduce? What is the correct way to use a forehand stroke in tennis? Which jobs are the most/least important? What salaries could you earn if you were a ___________? Who was in charge of the Ancient Greeks? How can we use different maps to create a collage? Why is the ‘Buddha’ important to Buddhists? Is it easy to play a ukulele?