What they have learnt so far:

· How to use the Ancient Maya number system.

· How to add and subtract fractions.

· How to make flatbread, smorrebrod and a mezze bowl.

· About the Trimurti in Hinduism and that it includes: Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma.


What you are looking forward to next term:

· Doing our next art topic which is called ‘Journeys’.

· Finding out more about other places in the world in Geography.

· How to solve longer multiplication and division questions.

· Learning more words and trickier spellings.


Best memory this term:

· Reading ‘The Explorer’ for our class pledge book.

· Learning different types of passing and shooting in Netball.

· Our writing about creatures from the Amazon Rainforest.

· Learning about Prime Numbers in Maths.


Favourite thing they will be doing over Christmas:

· Seeing family and friends and spending quality time with them.

· Giving and receiving gifts.

· Have lots of special food and meals over the Christmas holiday.

· Not having to wake up early every day.