This week in class we have been asking....

What calculations are needed to convert mixed numbers into improper fractions? How do organisational features help structure a recipe? Why can rumours lead to making others feel negative about themselves? What is word processing? Did the Ancient Maya believe in similar gods and goddesses to Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Greeks? What ‘dharmas’ do the characters in ‘The Ramayana’ have?

Our 'Flash Back 4' questions were...

Today: How would you define bullying?

This/last week: What does plagiarism mean?

This term: If you were living in an ‘autocracy’, how would decisions be made?

Last term: Name all FIVE lines of latitude.

Next week we will be asking....

How do you compare and order fractions? What methods are needed to add and subtract fractions? How do you change font size, style and size when using Word? Why is it important to think about appearance when making a Smorrebrod (Danish open sandwich)? Are there different types of bullying?

Our spelling rule next week is ‘er’ including words such as …..

altar, alter, amateur, concur, controversy, neighbour, preserve, reserve, reverse, transferred

Our Graduate Award that we are working towards is …..

DT – Cooking and Nutrition