This week in class we have been asking.... 

What is the difference between plural and possessive? How can rounding and using the inverse help us answer addition and subtraction questions? Why does temperature affect dissolving? What are the key rules for working as a group successfully? Could you recall the facts we have learnt about South America and Brazil? How do you make a function when coding?

 Our 'Flash Back 4' questions were... 

Today: What does function mean in coding?

This/last week: What is the capital of Brazil?

This term: What is a pure substance?

Last term: Can you punctuate speech correctly?

 Next week we will be asking.... 

How do song lyrics tell a story? Which punctuation do you use to punctuate speech? How do you find missing numbers in addition and subtraction questions? Are there different ways materials can be separated? What do we mean by strings and variables when coding? Can we recall what we have learnt about South America and Brazil?

 Our spelling rule next week isie including words such as ….. 

Aisle, bridal, bridle, criticise, cyclone, isle, mighty, prioritise, recognisable, recognise

 Our Graduate Award that we are working towards is ….. 

Jigsaw – Being Me