This week in class we have been asking....

What are our rights and responsibilities when we are learning? How do we round numbers to one million? What is an expanded noun phrase? Who were the Kayapo people? What does ‘solubility’ mean? How are graphic novels illustrated?

Our 'Flash Back 4' questions were...

What is an algorithm?

What is the difference between a physical and political map?

What two words is another way the religion of Hindu Dharma use to refer to ‘Brahman’?

In Computing, what is a spreadsheet?

Next week we will be asking....

How do we add/subtract with more than 4 digits? What is the difference between formal and informal? Why are rules important? What do ‘decomposition’ and ‘abstraction’ mean when coding? What makes Rio de Janeiro a unique place? Who are the Trimurti?

Our spelling rule next week is ‘ee’ including words such as …..

Achieve, appreciate, ceiling, proceed, prophecy, serial, stationary, stationery, vehicle and videos

Our Graduate Award that we are working towards is …..

Jigsaw – Being Me