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Mr D. Hebb

Hello, welcome to Year 5. My name is Mr Hebb and I am the class teacher. I have taught in Year 6 for most of my career and I now have the pleasure of going into Year 5 to help prepare the children for the end of Key Stage 2. I am a keen writer and love to read outside of school and also enjoy playing and watching football.

Across all of our lessons in Year 5, we will make sure we show pride in all of our work and show courage and curiosity in all that we learn. We like to work with a smile on our face and we know we need to work hard and try our best in everything we do.

I look forward to showing you how we are getting on through the weekly updates on our class blog

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  • 12/04/24


    This week in class we have been asking.... What is the difference between present perfect tense, past perfect tense and future perfect tense? How do we find the perimeter of rectilinear shapes and other polygons? What calculation is needed to find the area of a rectangle? What do we need to consi...
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  • 22/03/24


    This week in class we have been asking.... What does ‘percentage’ mean? How do you write percentages as fractions and as decimals? What is the difference between present and past tense verbs? How can I edit the length of a video? What software can I use to put a number of videos toget...
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  • 15/03/24


    This week in class we have been asking.... What do we need to help us order and compare decimal numbers? How do you round numbers to 1 decimal place? What are the different ways you can describe characters? Who was Tim Berners-Lee? Can we edit and improve our videos in Computing? What happens dur...
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  • 08/03/24


    This week in class we have been asking.... How does a storyboard help when filming a video? Is accuracy or speed more important when doing an overarm throw? What are the different types of fixings and fastenings? What is emergency aid? How do you put someone in the recovery position? Why were the...
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  • 01/03/24


    This week in class we have been asking.... What devices can you record videos on? Can you name different filming techniques? How do you use the different techniques when filming? Is it easy to catch a ball after turning around? What are the different stages of the human life cycle? Where in the w...
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  • 23/02/24


    This week in class we have been asking.... What is video? How do you review a video? How do you do an overarm throw correctly? What is a micro-bit? Is it easy to program a micro-bit? Can you name different parts of a river? Which different parts of ourselves do we need to focus on when thinking a...
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  • 09/02/24


    This week in class we have been asking.... Can you identify where different types of parenthesis punctuation should be used? How is an explanation different to a set of instructions? How do you multiply fractions by whole numbers? What steps are needed to find a fraction of a quantity? Why is the...
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  • 02/02/24


    This week in class we have been asking.... What is the most efficient way to divide? How can we use brackets to show parenthesis? How do search engines actually work? What is a web crawler? What knowledge have we learnt from the Ancient Greeks? How do you make a printing plate? In Buddhism, what...
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  • 26/01/24


    This week in class we have been asking.... How do you solve division calculations with and without remainders? Are there different types of parenthesis punctuation? Why is Peter Pan a classic story? Were there many different Greek Gods and Goddesses? What did the Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses...
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  • 19/01/24


    This week in class we have been asking.... How do animals reproduce? What is the correct way to use a forehand stroke in tennis? Which jobs are the most/least important? What salaries could you earn if you were a ___________? Who was in charge of the Ancient Greeks? How can we use different maps...
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  • 12/01/24


    This week we have…. Been asking… What is a system? How does a smart locker work? If you won lots of money, what would you spend it on? What dreams and goals do you have for your life in 10 years time? Who were the Ancient Greeks? What is a life cycle? How can you use base 10 to h...
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  • 21/12/23


    What they have learnt so far: · How to use the Ancient Maya number system. · How to add and subtract fractions. · How to make flatbread, smorrebrod and a mezze bowl. · About the Trimurti in Hinduism and that it includes: Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma...
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