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Vision and Values

Our Vision Statement

At Keyingham Primary School we aim to create a happy, secure and stimulating environment for our learning community which enables all of its members to work together to realise their full  potential in all aspects of their education, not only academically, but also in terms of their personal, social, moral, emotional, spiritual, aesthetical and physical development. We will nurture each  individual to ensure they develop the knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes needed to lead responsible and fulfilling lives, today and in the future.

School Aims

Our school is committed to providing a wide range of high quality learning experiences, which enrich, challenge and stimulate the children and lead to the development of their growth in education.

Aims and Ethos – Detailed Overview

Statement of Aims
Through the implementation of these aims the school ensures that the inclusive vision of the school is fulfilled.
• To create a caring, supportive and secure learning environment, where all members of the school community can develop positive self-esteem built on relationships based on kindness, co-operation, respect and understanding of each other’s needs
• To enable every child to achieve their full potential through a broad, balanced, differentiated, interesting, challenging and relevant curriculum that incorporates the requirements of the Foundation Stage and National Curriculum.
• To help all children to acquire the highest standards that they are capable of in basic Literacy and Numeracy skills in order to provide them with the best possible foundation for their learning.
• To monitor and evaluate the progress of each child, setting challenging targets based on individual need and involving the children and their parents in the process
• To encourage children to do their best at all times and to challenge them to aim for excellence in all areas of school life.
• To foster understanding, tolerance and respect for those of different religions, cultures, beliefs and ways of life and develop their confidence to challenge prejudice and oppose discrimination in our multicultural society.
• To nurture a team spirit with adults and children working together in relationships of respect and understanding of the needs of each other.
• To encourage the development of every child as an individual and to be aware of the individual differences and special needs of each child.
• To develop children’s ability to communicate with others effectively, including the ability to question and logically present their point of views, and enable them to extend their learning through purposeful talk.
• To encourage every child to develop lively, enquiring, imaginative and creative minds with the ability to question and the desire to continually extend their knowledge and skills.
• To enrich and develop every child’s intellectual, physical, aesthetic, spiritual, emotional, moral and social development.
• To ensure that Governors and staff work in partnership to implement efficient and effective leadership and management of all aspects of the school, enabling the continual monitoring and evaluating of practice in order to focus on raising standards and providing the highest quality of education for our children.
• To ensure that equal opportunities are provided for all.
• To enable every child to leave our school as happy, independent, responsible, selfmotivated, and caring eleven year olds
• To actively involve parents in the life of the school by fostering a positive and supportive home/school relationship.
• To participate fully in the life of our local community and develop children’s understanding, appreciation and respect for the community and surrounding environment.

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Keyingham Primary School

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Tel number: 01964 622319
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Email Address: keyingham.primary@eastriding.gov.uk

Admin Contact Name: Mrs P Moat (School Business Manager)

SENDCO Contact Name: Mr T Adams


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